We are about DATA:

We continuously search for new technology and information pertaining to Data.  As experts in Data acquisition to data integration to data visualization, simply because our passion is data readiness for reporting your business intelligence through interactive summarized dashboards, dynamic data models, detailed data analysis,and report subscriptions. 


One of our favorite aspects in the data discovery stage is your data transposed into our data-files, where we can display your data in a "crystal data ball" and end users can perform their (non-IT help desk) tasks consistently and collectively.  Our goal is to enhance overall productivity by providing real-time inventory intelligence that flows efficiently, smoothly, and easily accessible to all who.  Key players can monitor and communicate effectively.  They will also have the tools to collaborate on any issues that may arise - setting the groundwork to eventually predicting future obstacles. 


We always start off by ensuring we listen and understand the business requirements - which is validated with a work flow analysis.  Efficiency is of upmost importance when dealing with Customer Intake, Master Data Entry, Sales Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Inventory Shipping and Receiving, Order Tracking, Accounting tasks, etc.  By using Microsoft technologies, we can develop a customized business operations system - by cleaning and analyzing your existing data. 


Contact us for details today at info@continuumbi.com and we will be honored to provide a free mock design and start putting your data to work.


Please also include any questions on reporting your data through summary dashboards, detailed analysis and report subscriptions.

We can also manage and support Sql Server tune ups, to help optimize performance and improve operational efficiency — saving you time and money.

Harness your Data    Leverage it's Power    Increase your Profits